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  Logo Fork Springs (960x1000)


We have large stocks of all springs which can be used in most twinshock machines as well as a number of pre 65 machines.     This progressive fork spring gives you a slow/soft feel when riding up stream beds etc. but when you hit something a little harder the suspension becomes stiffer resulting in much more positive steering over rough terrain.

Typical applications include:

Twinshock: Fantic 240 / 300, Montessa, Bultaco, Ossa, Honda TLR, Yamaha TY175/TY250/TY320
Pre 65: DOT, Triumph Cub & Twin, BSA, Francis Barnett
Mono:  Yamaha Mono


In addition to springs we also have stock internal adjustable spacers to set preload and replace other homemade spacers or shims. The spacer allows easy adjustment from 15mm to 75mm to be made within the stanchion.

ADJUSTABLE FORK CAPS (Available for most twinshock models)

Should you want to change your fork rate during an event or for specific trials we recommend The Magicals™ adjustable fork cap. There is an adjuster on the top which is altered simply with an allen key to increase/decrease preload without any need to strip the forks enabling quick and easy changes to be made. The caps also have an air screw to release air when it builds up inside the fork leg.  This is important as any build up of air inside the leg can seriously impair how the fork works.

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GAS Type R – A fast rebound designed for riders under 90Kg and earlier twinshock models such as OSSA MAR, Sherpa Bultaco, Yamaha TY etc and also Pre 65 – James, Cub, Bantam, Francis Barnett

GAS Type M – Slower rebound for riders over 90Kg and more recent twinshock models such as Honda TLR, Fantic, SWM, OSSA Gripper etc and also Pre 65 – Triumph Twin, BSA, Ariel etc.

GAS Shock Adjustments – Adjustments can be made to suit any type of bike and rider weight using different rate, length and number of springs and spacers.

These modern GAS shocks are a direct replacement for the OEM shocks. The springs are progressive so that they become stiffer towards the bottom of their travel. The progressive design is like having two springs in one.  The top part of the spring has more coils and is therefore softer than the bottom part which has less coils.  These shocks are fitted with rose joints at both top and bottom mounting points so that swing arm movement is not restricted.  The shrader valve is hidden beneath the aluminium top cap so that the gas cannot be accidentally discharged or interfered with.

RA Type – The RA Shocks are technically the best Trials shocks available with 28 click rebound and compression damping adjustment, increased spring capacity and rose joint top and bottom.  Internally these shocks with hidden/protected shrader valve feature a new working piston design and exclusive bearing bands with Teflon and micro-particles of bronze.   High viscosity The Magicals oil is used to ensure outstanding performance even in extreme competition conditions.

All shocks are available in various lengths (340, 350, 360, 390 & 400mm) and a number of colour combinations for the springs to compliment your bike.

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Spring Colours