Majesty 175 Frame Kit

frame-sideIntroducing the all new Yamaha Majesty 175 frame kit which is a present day version of the Mick Andrews and John Shirt inspired Majesty of the late 70’s and early 80’s.
This lightweight frame kit transforms a standard TY175 into a very competitive “works replica” twinshock bike providing

  • more modern geometry (steeper steering angle)
  • lower centre of gravity (lowered footrest position and modern footrest hanger brackets)
  • increased wheelbase (using a longer all new lightweight aluminium box section swinging arm)
  • longer rear suspension travel (repositioned shock absorber mounts)
  • modern uncluttered look (strengthened headstock gussets with toolbox removed, mudguard loop removed and a traditional Majesty style flat bashplate)

All of the above give the rider improved stability and steering whilst riding modern day sections.   The frame kit readily accepts the standard TY175 components and of course all Majesty parts.

Frame kit includes:

  • Lightweight 175 frame
  • Lightweight aluminium swinging arm
  • Traditional Majesty style flat bashplate
  • Alloy swing arm spindle
  • Allow bearing tube spacer
  • Genuine Yamaha bushes
  • Genuine Yamaha dust covers
  • Modern alloy chain tensioner


(£1199 if you trade in your own frame)